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    In response to the high demands for economic and financial law, in 2002 National Chung Cheng University separated the Division of Economic and Financial Law from the Department of Law and established the Department of Economic and Financial Law. It was expected that in combination with the existing Graduate Institute of Economic and Financial Law, the establishment of the new department could form a complete education and research system on economic and financial law to educate experts that have professional knowledge in economic and financial law. Therefore, in addition to traditional basic law courses, our department (graduate institute) lays emphasis on four important areas: (1) business law, (2) international economic law, (3) intellectual property rights law, and (4) taxation law to respond to the needs of the government and the private sectors and respond to the problems of local and international economic and financial law which may arise in the wake of international competition pressures after Taiwan is acceded into WTO so as to elevate the ability of Taiwan government and enterprises to complete in international markets. It is also our expectation to go in step with economic and financial law in advanced countries. Currently our department (graduate institute) has nine full-time teachers, including six professors, two associate professors, and one assistant professor, all of whom have a doctorate and whose specialties cover Constitutional law, commercial law, economic and financial law, intellectual property law, international trade law, and international economic law. When our undergraduate students graduate with a degree, they and graduate students are eligible to sit in the judge qualification exam, the bar exam, and other national exams.
    The aim of the Department is to develop students with financial and economic law professions. In addition to fundamental civil law, criminal law and public law courses, the Department also provides a wide range of courses in the financial and economic law areas, such as corporate and international economic and trade law, intellectual property law, taxation law and financial law. 
    In addition, the Department puts emphasizes on inter-disciplinary and internationalized learning environment. The Department now has “Financial and Economic Law/Accounting and Information Technology Program”, “Financial and Economic Law/Finance Program”, “Financial and Economic Law/Patent Attorney Program” and “English-taught International Business Law Program”.
In particular, the Department has the highest ratio of the Distinguished Professors at CCU. The Department Staff are graduated from renowned universities from the UK, the US, Germany, France and Taiwan.